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Learning Lei Feng's Spirit and Promoting the New Style of the Times

Release time:
2019-03-27 23:23:48

Summary:In order to carry forward Lei Feng& 39;s spirit, practice the new trend of the times and serve the vast number

In order to carry forward Lei Feng's spirit, practice the new trend of the times and serve the vast number of power customers well, Qiaolu Xiaohua Li Hongyi Wei Fangning, a correspondent of China Electric Power News Network, reported that on the morning of March 5, Guangxi Hechi Dahua Power Supply Bureau of Southern Power Grid organized young volunteers to enter the community, farmers and markets, and popularized science to use electricity safely and charge electricity. Price knowledge and other related electricity use content; set up stalls in front of the business hall entrance of the power supply station to serve customers face to face and answer customers'electricity demand on the spot.
"Do not touch electrical appliances with wet hands, wipe electrical appliances with power supply without wet cloth, and cut off the power supply when cleaning electrical appliances are needed..." At the event site, the volunteers explained to the clients who came to consult about the small knowledge of electricity, explained the matters needing attention in the safe use of electricity in family life, guided the customers to scan and pay attention to the "95598 Weixin Public Number" and bind the user number to bind the Weixin, guided the users to use the Weixin platform to inquire about the electricity information and download the unified service level of the South Network. Desk APP, and explain the operation and use of APP to users in detail, but also patiently answer customers'various electricity consulting.
"Wechat is ready to go to the business hall to pay the electricity bill. It's much more convenient to bind the user number to Wechat. It's no longer necessary to go to the business outlet to pay the electricity bill in the future."
"Now the network age is convenient, do things without going out, download an APP can solve, really good!"
The event received unanimous praise from the masses. A total of 86 propaganda materials such as "Safe Electricity Use Propaganda Manual", "Residents'Safe Electricity Use Common Sense", "95598 Wechat Binding Propaganda" were distributed to passers-by. While building a "firewall" for the safety of electricity use for the masses, it also opened up for the residents. "Convenient access" for fee collection.