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"Smart Party Building Cloud Platform" officially launched

Release time:
2019-03-27 23:15:35

Summary:On January 1, 2019, China Power Media Group& 39;s cloud platform for Party building was officially launched The pl

On January 1, 2019, China Power Media Group's cloud platform for Party building was officially launched.


The platform is an intellectualized management system for the comprehensive Party building work of China Television Media, and an innovative measure for the exploration of the "Internet + Party building" mode of work by China Television Media. This platform integrates the working platform, information platform, management platform and learning platform of Party building. It has six characteristics: convenient management service, real-time work supervision, transparent work progress, panoramic learning and education, precise decision analysis and data security. It realizes "fragmentation learning, systematic recognition, and security". The party building work of socialized management and fine service covers all aspects of intelligence, promotes the transformation of grass-roots party building work from "unilateral inculcation" to interactive communication, and builds an interactive bridge between grass-roots party organizations and Party members.

China Television Media Wisdom Party Building Cloud Platform is independently developed by Beijing China Television Fengkai Culture and Technology Co., Ltd., which belongs to China Television Media. It strictly follows the National Standardization System Construction and Development Plan, the National Standardization Management Committee's Standard System of Governing the Party in an All-Round and Strict Way, and the overall requirements of ISO9001 International Quality Management System. With strong pertinence, scientificity and operability, it can effectively improve the standardization and standardization level of grass-roots party building work. At present, the platform is not only applied in China Telecom Media Group, but also promoted in some social organizations and units, which has won wide recognition from the users of grass-roots party organizations and Party building experts. China Telecom Media will base itself on the energy field and face the society, strengthen cooperation with all parties, promote the application of the platform to a new level, promote the quality level of Party building in energy and power systems to continuously improve, and provide practical services to the Party from strict governance to a solid level.